Professionally Printed In-House!

Using the latest digital printing technology, we can print labels to suit a wide variety of applications, from wine and food labels, through to packaging and promotional labels - we have a size and type of label to suit. Because we can print short runs, it makes printing far more economical than many of larger companies!

Our labels are printed on either paper, coasted paper or synthetic stock and come as pre-cut cirlces, ovals, squares or rectangles on A4 sheets. Let us know the size of label you are looking for and we will find a size to suit.

Primal AlternativePrimal Alternative Labels, Brochures and Business Cards

Firstly, congratulations on becoming a Primal Alternative Primalista!

We are very proud to produce quality labels in a timely and cost effective manner for all your amazing baked products. Once you have placed your order, we create a proof of all of the labels, and the business cards and brochures if you require these as well with your details on them. The labeling laws state that we need your name, physical address (no PO Boxes), mobile number and email address. You let us know if all the details are correct and your order is good to print and we send you an invoice. Once you have paid the invoice and approved the artwork, your order usually takes about 3-4 working days to print and post and arrive at your doorstep.


Below is the information you should need to place your label order.

Product Labels

Labels per sheet

Gellies and Cookies Choc Chip, Keto and QC Macadamia and Currant Shortbread 8
Quirky Cooking Grain-Free Pastry 6
Pizza Bases: Standard and Fat and Seedy 4
Breads and Fruit Toast: Fruit Toast with Gojis; Fruit Toast with Inca; Fat and Seedy Bread; Zucchini Bread; Pumpkin Bread; Turmeric and Hemp Seed Bread 3
Make Your Own mix range: All varieties. For these there are 4 labels per sheet of which 2 are front and 2 are back labels 2 (4)
45mm Round for Samples: Has the brown paper background with the logo, your name, mobile and the web address. Used to stick on Samples 24

Label Pricing and Sample Quantities

The minimum order of labels is 30 sheets in total , and the price per sheet goes down the more sheets you order. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST


Price per sheet (including GST)

Express Postage (including GST)

20-50 sheets $2.20 per sheet $13.00
50 - 100 sheets $2.10 per sheet $13-15.00 depending on weight
100 + sheets $1.90 per sheet $15-18.00 depending on weight

You just let me know how many sheets of each you require. An example of some of the girls’ first order is:

  • 5 sheets of standard Pizza Bases = 20 labels
  • 5 sheets of Fat and Seedy Pizza Bases = 20 labels
  • 8 sheets of Fruit Toast - GOJI = 24 labels
  • 8 sheets of Fruit Toast - INCA = 24 labels
  • 10 sheets of Turmeric and Hemp Seed Bread = 30 labels
  • 10 sheets of Zucchini Bread = 30 labels
  • 10 sheets of Pumpkin Bread = 30 labels
  • 15 sheets of Fat and Seedy Bread = 45 labels
  • 15 sheets of No Nut Hemp Seed Bread = 45 labels
  • 5 sheets of Cookies = 40 labels
  • 5 sheets of Triple Choc Keto Cookies = 40 labels
  • 5 sheets of QC Macadamia Nut and Currant shortbread = 40 labels
  • 3 sheets of Gellies = 24 labels
  • 3 sheets of 45mm round = 72 labels

With the Make Your Own Mix range, there are 9 types:

  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Fat and Seedy Bread
  • Fruit Toast with Goji
  • Fruit Toast with Incas
  • Pizza Bases
  • Fat and Seedy Pizza Bases
  • Turmeric Bread
  • No Nut Hemp Seed Bread

The typical order for these is between 5 and 10 sheets of each - but you can order as many as you want!


Business Cards

Primal Alternative Business Card

Business cards are printed on 350gsm stock in full colour both sides, matt laminated both sides.

250 cards = $88 inc
500 cards = $110 inc

Prices include GST and delivery

A4 folded to DL Brochures

The A4 folded to DL brochures are currently undergoing review. There is a print at home version available in the pinned post on the Primalista Facebook group. 

Brochures are printed on 150gsm gloss stock in full colour both sides, on A4 and roll folded to DL.

100 brochures = $195 inc
200 brochures = $230 inc
300 brochures = $297 inc
400 brochures = $363 inc
500 brochures = $495 inc
1000 brochures = $539 inc

Prices include GST and delivery

Postcards for inclusion in Online Orders

Primal Alternative Postcard

The Postcards are 150mm x 100mm, printed on 310gsm stock, matt laminated front.

100 postcards = $82.50 inc
200 postcards = $99.00 inc
300 postcards = $121.00 inc
400 postcards = $148.50 inc
1000 postcards = $357.50 inc

Prices include GST and delivery


Submit an Order

Use the form below or alternatively, CLICK HERE to open an interactive PDF order form that you can fill in and submit using Adobe Acrobat Reader.