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Plexus Content Management System and web site updating and maintenance solution

Pre-emptive Strike and Strike Point offers you an opportunity to better promote your business by developing for you a dynamic, database-driven web site - then applying Pre-emptive Plexus2 web site preparation software to take your business to even greater heights.

This innovative Content Management System allows you to: Add and remove pages; edit text and upload images; and add extra items, such as e-commerce facilities, a calendar of events, photo galleries, news items and a discussion board. All of the additional features can be turned on at any time - so you can start small and add features as and when you need them.

Initial web site design, layout and preparation

At Strike Point, our experienced web designers can prepare your site, lay it out with content and images provided by yourself - all ready for you to take on and easily maintain yourself.

Our services include:

  • Custom design and layout of your web site, individually graphically designed to suit your company's image, products and services - using your corporate colour, fonts and themes.
  • Provision of a very easy-to-use navigation system with drop-down menus (ones which expand to reveal sub-pages as you pass your mouse over them), which will allow users to access any page of your site from any page.
  • Inclusion of a Google Map on your web site
  • Optimising your web site for the search engines
  • Image editing and processing.
  • Uploading and testing the site.

Once the site is set up, you will have the option of going to the second stage by purchasing Pre-emptive Plexus2, which will allow you to change and administer your site as required - as well as offering you optional additional features.

Alternatively, if you already have an existing web site that you would like to be able to edit and maintain yourself, we can make the necessary adjustments to it to enable it to run Plexus2.

Pre-emptive Plexus2 Web Site Maintenance Solution

Pre-emptive Plexus is an online tool which allows you to administer, maintain and customise your site as you require. The features allow you to edit the content on the pages, change pictures, add and remove pages and send bulk e-mails to your subscribers. The easy-to-use Administration console sits behind the site and allows you to administer the site, all online, without the need for specialized software. This enables you to provide your customers with an ever-changing, dynamic site which will keep them returning.

The features of Plexus include:

  • An online web page editor.
  • The ability to add and remove pages.
  • e-commerce facilities, with a shopping cart and order processing with the ability to accept online credit card payments using the merchant facilities that you have in place with your bank or other providers such as PayPal.
  • Contact Management System with the facilities to send out bulk e-mails, such as newsletters and have your customers subscribe easily through your web site.
  • Custom forms - where you specify the information YOU want to gather and we create the forms to capture that information.  You can then export all of the information out to an XML or CSV file for further analysis. 
  • Photo Galleries - where you can display your images in different ways.
  • News Items.
  • Comprehensive Site Searching
  • Calendar of Events.
  • Blog facilities with RSS feeds.

Each facility is outlined in more detail with purchasing option on our PLEXUS2 web site.  To view the purchasing options, please CLICK HERE or use the menu under the Help tab.

Plexus is Affordable!

Plexus not only gives you the flexibility to allow you to update your own web site, it is also very affordable!

It can be packaged so that you only pay for the facilities you use, and each of the monthly options also includes the hosting of your web site and database.

We can also upload any existing contact databases or product databases to your web site and these can only be quoted on once we have seen the databases - how they are structured and their compatability.

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